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About Our Playschool

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At Rovaniemi English Playschool we cater for children aged between 3 and 6 years of age. These children are from both Finnish and English speaking families. Our Playschool program provides foundations for children to learn English through co-operative play, drama, shared reading and writing, art, gym, music, collaborative games and educationally based activities.


At Rovaniemi English Playschool we aim to inspire an interest in the aquisition of the English language. Our child-centred Playschool encourages the use and understanding of the English language in an environment which enhances early language immersion. This is the most natural way for children to learn a second language. There are no fears of grammatical errors or making mistakes. It comes naturally, just like their mother language.

Currently, we have 16 children attending our Playschool. We have two full time staff members, a native English speaking teacher and a bilingual speaking nursery nurse. Julie Moncada, our Playschool teacher, is from the United States and Minna Lintela, our nursery nurse, is from Rovaniemi.